I guess I accidentally removed the calendar at some point – it’s back! If you want to add it to your own Google Calendar, click that little plus thing at the bottom of the calendar.

One thought on “Calendar”

  1. isaac…this sounded convoluted when i read it, but i clicked on that subscription link and it opened up my iCal. it also flowed all the org calendar info into my iCal. you SAID that in the post, but it was still a surprise when it happened! pretty cool. lisa has mentioned the google calendar…if i ever get iCal down pat, i might look into it. anyhow, this works (the BD search, etc.) and i will use it, but how do you access the old birthday list? i saw the link to it in this post, but don’t see an active link in the nav bar. i wouldn’t mind having that continue…at least for awhile till i get more accustomed to the calendar thing. l,j

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