Hunting in Kodiak

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to send an update on Pete’s Kodiak Adventure. It took him two days to get out of Kodiak Town, down to the South End. He is now down in Alitak and he hunted for two hours yesterday afternoon, saw a couple nice looking deer but didn’t shoot one yet. He said the trip down was clear as a bell, a beautiful flight.

I had a trip up to Anchorage in a helicopter yesterday, it took about an hour to get up and an hour to get back. I took a panoramic picture on the way back in to Homer, but need to get a scanner before I can upload any more photos. I am at a standstill.

Well, just wanted to post something new and say Hi to everyone.

A Day in the Life

Hello to the Family!

I am trying this for the first time, so my grammar may not be correct. Pete is out fishing with his friend Luke and the Hawaiian Vacation girls. Hope they are catching not just fishing. He had a bad day of fishing yesterday so we weren’t sure how today would turn out. It was rough and windy and hardly any current moving.

I am here at work working-honest! It was the coldest morning yet, the stove we have in the bedroom actually came on for the first time all summer. We haven’t had any frost at our house but I bet they have had some up on the hill.

Tomorrow is our year anniversary of living in our new house. It really is the best place we have ever lived, just hope the bluff holds in there for at least the next 20-25 years. We had a little erosion loss this winter because of the flooding we had in Homer last Fall. Nothing too serious, but if you are planning on coming up for a visit I would make it fast.

Well, thanks for letting me say hi. Wait til Pete learns how to use this site, it will be inundated!

Have a great weekend everyone–talk to you later

Debra in Homer