Looks like the weather and setting is just about perfect for a very Happy Birthday!  You are a remarkable woman, and I am so proud of how much you do and mean to your family, community and the world!  We miss you and look forward to your homecoming.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful birthday.  Hugs around, Love, Dad

6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!”

  1. I tried to upload 10 pics, but either I’m rusty – OR, the ORG upload regs have tightened up 🙂 jw

    1. Yeah, I think I know what’s messed up – I’ll fix it when we get back. If you crop/resize to under 1M they should work. Probably.

  2. Hmmm. That’s not it. Resized everything to under 800kb. Then reduced the gallery from 10 to 5 total pics. Still no go. Has it been reset to limit uploads to under 1 meg for combined size of files?

    1. I tried adding a photo from my phone – had to do some manual editing but it worked. Remember that when you’re including a gallery tag thing in a post you don’t have to upload all your pix at once – they’ll automatically get added to the gallery.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to you Lisa, You were my special little girl for so long, now look at you, Love you much!

    I don’t seem to be connected to wedin.org automatically anymore.

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