Boy, this is what a space shuttle looked like…

Discovery flyover #4

Oliver and I made it through traffic just in time to see the space shuttle Discovery make a couple of low passes over the National Mall on its way to the Udvar-Hazy Center. Frankly, Oliver was more interested in the boats and ducks in Washington Channel, so I’ll have to remind him in a few years that he once saw a space shuttle flying through the air. I’m sure the current crop of space vehicles from companies like SpaceX are more practical or whatever, but space shuttles sure looked cool!

Author: Isaac

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6 thoughts on “Boy, this is what a space shuttle looked like…”

  1. Wow! I wondered if you were able to get close enough for some photos, and isn’t little Avery Grace somethin’ too!

  2. Nice shot, Isaac! The Shuttle atop the 747s have always amazed me. This is so cool that Oliver will have that photo and story from his Dad. I doubt he will remember the event, but you never know. We are planning a trip to Eagle River Friday night for a Saturday viewing of Amery Grace. Most likely talk to you over the weekend. Love, Dad

  3. That’s so cool. Ultra cool. I loved Discovery.

    Tell that cutie, Oliver, to get his butt to Alaska.

  4. Great shot…better than the one on the front page of ADN in my opinion…really has that “you are there on the ground POV” feel. Tell Oliver his uncle is jealous! I assume it’s being featured at the main Av Museum there in D.C., right? I know they are currently hosting a lot of cool planes at their Annex out by Dulles. L, J

    1. I’m so glad we got through the traffic to see it – I’ve never seen so many people staring up at the sky outside of a certain Doctor Who episode. The Discovery is taking the place of the Enterprise out at the Udvar-Hazy Center. Then the Enterprise is making a trek to a museum in New York.

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