Happy Birthday Debra Mae

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If I had my way, you would be basking in the sun somewhere alot warmer than Alaska, but rest assured that the warmth of the love of your admirers will keep you toasty. Looking forward to many more birthdays with you! Am hoping others will add photos of their favorites with you.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Debra Mae”

  1. Happy birthday Mom! Oliver’s taking a nap right now – we’ll see if you’re online when he wakes up.

  2. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your day and stretch it out for the entire week!

    We miss and love you. -m.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEBRA! Hope your day is relaxing, fun and as warm as possible on a day like today. Nice post, Pete…warm relationships trump warm weather for sure, but sometimes we forget that when it’s below zero in double digits!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes – I put a photo of my birthday pie up, Pete got me a lovely boquet of Carnations, yellow and pink, I will be checking the meanings soon…..thanks Mandi, I am going to drag it out every chance I get, a quiet moment here, a quiet moment there…….Love you much! Debra

  5. Well, looks like I just missed you. 🙂 Added a couple photos–a couple of times–that I look at from time-to-time. I know you’re doing something you love in both pictures. Happy Birthday, my friend. Here’s to a brand new year filled with all those you love. ~C

  6. I added a couple pics, too, but not too niftily. Forgot how to add to gallery, so went with the singles. Good photos, but the placement is…well, not as good as the pics.

  7. OK…I tried the drag and drop feature first. Didn’t seem to work, so I added pics manually. Then, a few minutes later…voila! the drag and drops appeared. so…very cool…i deleted the singles…very cool feature (the drag and drop), Isaac!

  8. We had a great day and fun with our friends. Thank you for all the pictures, they remind me of what a great family we have. Love to you all. Debra

  9. I just can’t pass up getting the ORG into double digit-comment status! It is so cool to see some activity here. We DID have a nice little dinner party here….something as you know is NOT Debra’s favorite thing, but in the end, I think she had a good time. I still feel that more celebrating is in order, though, so when anyone shows up, we’ll do just that. With the boat in the shop and the lost time to the jury duty, I have been a bit distracted. Thanks for the added photos….especially the one of Debra in the garden. Priceless!

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