Summer reading?

Do you need something to read at the beach or in your windowless geek cave this summer? I have a few fun things around that might keep you occupied:

Volumes 1-4 of Planetary, a cerebral comic for superhero fans.

The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. In hardcover, so it’s like 30 pounds of books.


Make Magazine. Perfect if you’re looking for some nerdy projects to do. I have more somewhere in the basement if you get hooked.

ReadyMade, a sort of home improvement mag for crafty people.

Craft, like ReadyMade and Make mixed together.

Let me know if you want any of them, or if I should go back to the basement to look for something else…

Here’s a photo of a kid as a reward for reading this far:


Author: Isaac

I like cats.

9 thoughts on “Summer reading?”

    1. I’ll mail them off to you. I think I have the 5 or 6 most recent Make mags, and I’ll send more if I find them in the basement.

    1. I read parts of Planetary to him, but he wasn’t very interested since I didn’t let him eat the pages. We’re now reading Transmetropolitan and watching My Drunk Kitchen.

      Craft is the same size as Make…they’re smaller than a regular magazine but have more pages. I’ll send you some.

  1. Good news! Your books and whatnot will be on the way tomorrow sometime. We opened a couple more boxes of basement books this weekend so I’ll post some more soon.

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