WFR 2012

I think now is a good time to work on identifying a possible reunion date. I just scrolled through all the photos and comments from WFR08 and it seems there was a consensus to hold another in two years….there has been alot of reasons for postponing it until now, but let’s get it together! I’m up for a March date in 2012. How about you? Love, Pete

Reunion GroupDSC03511

Reunion album

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  1. Isaac: I used the “gallery” function, but still it won’t expand….now what did I do? Thanks for fixing it! Dad’

    1. I replaced the single photo with a gallery, but there are only 2 photos – is that right? I also added a link to the reunion-tagged photos in the album.

      March 2012 probably works for us. We should definitely get together before the end of the year since the world is ending then.

      1. Isaac…still looks like it did last night (when i uploaded the replacement group photo). there was only one pic in the post originally (that i saw)…it was a thumbnail of the group shot that would not open when you clicked on it. we may have been editing the post at the same time…maybe mine superseded yours.

  2. Pete…Just getting ready to turn in and saw your post! I went ahead and replaced the pic, but I don’t think I got the right one (there are a half dozen of those group shots). Anyhow, I grabbed one and popped it in there. 2012 might work. We’d originally targeted 2010, but maybe that time-tested Olympics schedule is more realistic. If ASD’s Spring Break could factor into it, that would probably work best for us and the Wedin-Burpees, but lots of schedules to factor in just like last time. We’ll discuss here, but it sounds great to me. Love, Jack

  3. Thank you both for fixing that photo. I thought that the “gallery’ automatically, somehow magically, allowed the photo to be opened. Oh well, I do have success posting from time to time. The question now is, how many in the family are still looking at the org? Is there a way to blast it out to the twitters and fb? I remember the struggle with schedules (and logo) last time, so thought we should begin early AND there is opportunity this month to have an in-person conversation. Off to work….Pete

  4. pete…yeah, i’m sure isaac can resolve the pic issue when he’s here. the bigger challenge you mentioned is audience on the ORG. i “posted” a clip of the Capt Pete call-out in the ADN yesterday (and a file pic), but didn’t even THINK about the org. i put it on FB. i still like the ORG (a lot!), but it’s not happening anymore. i really think it’s time to create an ORG presence on FB…that’s the only way i can see to achieve what we had before. if ORG posts and comments could auto-post to a FB page, i think we could reconnect with even more of the family than we had on the ORG before. yada. l,j

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