We had some visitors!

I’m way late getting photos off of my camera and out into the wild, but now that Mandi’s on vacation and hard at work keeping track of Oliver I’ve got some time. Oliver was extra lucky this year and had grandparents visiting from October to December!

Oliver and grandpa

Plenty of beard to pull!

Driving the car at the playground

In the bouncy car at the playground – sorta looks like he’s driving a boat.

Mandi and mom at the playground

They’re waiting for grandpa Pete and Oliver to get tired of playing at the playground.

Jonesin' for a newspaper

Someone still buys newspapers!

Trainspotting with mom

One of our favorite restaurants is next to the train tracks – it’s super fun for Oliver when a long train goes by.


I think they were photographing the Occupy DC camp.


Bette and Oliver

The older park near our house has one of these cool springy riding toys – Oliver wanted to touch the eyeballs more than bounce.

Mike and Oliver

With grandparents in town, who needs a stroller?