WFR08 Classic!


Was just transferring pics to my FD present…an iPhone 4.  I really enjoyed going back through all the reunion photos…been awhile, and it was like seeing them again for the first time.  I found this group shot in Jon’s and Lisa’s pics.  It was obviously taken in between the “posed” version, and it was really fun…definitely in the spirit of the day and the reunion in general.  We talked about 2010, but I think that would have been a stretch this year.  But, it’s not to early to look ahead to 2011…or maybe 2012.  We’ll have at least one new addition by then!  L, J/D/GP

5 thoughts on “WFR08 Classic!”

  1. That is a classic…..thanks for posting it. So, how do you like the iPhone 4 so far? Debra says I should get one, but am not sure I am ready for all of that capability. I barely have time to answer my phone as it is. This time of year, I get to do e-mail in the morning and evening and it seems to be enough. Anyhow…your review would be interesting. Love, Pete

  2. pete…so, finally got the iP4 activated. had some glitches with that, so took it to the ATT store and they had it going in a matter of moments. so far so good, but i haven’t really pushed many of the new features yet. it has some remarkable features, so just need to explore them one at a time here. the basic stuff all seems the same…nice not to have to worry about learning those functions all over again. i’ve never used the email and web on my phone much, but might explore that more now…those features appear to be enhanced. also, this does video…the old iPhone did not. will let you know in a week or so how it’s going…so far, so good. l,j

  3. on the reunion, my guess is 2012 makes sense. like the olympics, i the wedination needs about 4 years in between WFR’s. my vote is “the conner” one more time, but sure open to other ideas, too. the new iPhone is pretty amazing so far. screen resolution is incredible, everything works really FAST and the front/back camera plus video are big upgrades from the 3G. BUT…i haven’t really dug into a lot of the new features yet. i’ve never done much on the web with my phone, but this actually works so well (and fast), i’ll be doing more of that. anyhow, it’s very cool. my only criticisms so far are directed at the user, not the device. l,d

    1. Have you tried the FaceTime thing yet? In the ad Apple’s running it looks pretty slick, but it seems pretty limited – only on wifi and only between iPhone 4s.

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