Happy Birthday Mandi!

Mandi Thinking Summer 09 Parents houseMandi Driving us to or from SeldoviaMandi and her Girls
Hi Mandi,
Glad to hear you are out enjoying your birthday today. It was great talking to you and Isaac. Lovely day here in Homer – Alfa and I are watching the sunshine start to peek out. I found a couple of great photos from last Summer for you to enjoy. Love to you Debra

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mandi!”

  1. Hey Mandi:
    I sure hope you had a Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed your call, but I was in the man-cave (never wanted one of those!) cleaning, painting, and trying to get that old girl ready for the water. I am hoping to get her wet by next weekend. I love the picture of you driving the JL….I can relax and give you the wheel. Have a great trip to Seattle and give Acacia a hug from us.Love,Pete

  2. happy birthday, mandi! sorry this is so late…kind of a “lost weekend” here with lots going on. glad you had a good time. these post-holiday birthdays can kinda anticlimactic sometimes. hope 2010 is shaping up great for you guys. look forward to seeing you on your visit up north. l,j

  3. Sorry I missed the party. Hope the year stretching out ahead is full of love and laughter. HB-lated wishes, Cheri

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