Springin’ Forward

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Here are some pictures I’ve been meaning to post for awhile. We have been doing a bit of bike riding. Ben got a new bike for his birthday, so we hooked up the bike trailer and bought Alexa a new bike seat and we have been enjoying family bike rides! It has been fun to all get out and enjoy these nice sunny days of spring. I also took the girls on a hike to the Eagle River Nature Center (bear bells and pepper spray in hand). We had my neice Brooklyn over the Easter holiday. This weekend Ben is going to walk with all three girls in the heart run while I actually attempt to run it! Hope it doesn’t snow today or tomorrow.
Love to all,
B, J, M, M, A

8 thoughts on “Springin’ Forward”

  1. HEY JESS…big fun, great pics. we got bikes out last week, but so far haven’t hit the road with them. the org’s been kinda quiet lately, but i think everyone’s in the seasonal transition…sure been hoppin’ here (and that started BEFORE the easter bunny arrived). have fun…more soon! l,j

  2. Awesome post, Jess. Yeah…no kidding BUSY. I might actually have to come up to Anchorage to work in the AMCC office for a couple of days next week, so am hoping there is a bunk available. That cottonwood tree is very cool and I want to go there when I come. Ben’s bike looks cool and I bet the girls love going on rides. Brooklyn is just a doll. Looks like Alexa would like to take a big bite out of that egg.Well, I am going to pick up all the trash along the Sterling Highway in front of the house this afternoon and enjoy a windy, sunny day. Love you all….hope to be hugging you soon. Grandpa PS: Hope your Dad is well.

  3. Looks like you are having a fun spring. Hope to see you today at the Heart Run. Tomorrow we are having a B-day party for Nathan @ 1:30.

  4. That photo is obviously right out of the children’s book, Alexa and the Egg. Or it should be, anyway. Too cute! Love the girls in Easter dresses, and, are those candles dangerously close to the peeps nest on top of the cake?!!!? Do those peeps know the risky spot they’re in? Somebody will probably report you to Smoky Bear when they see your post. 🙂 The tree is awesome! How close is it to your house? Good luck in the run! Hopefully, you will “run” into the Wedin Burpees in that crowd. Love, C

    1. Well, we didn’t actually make it to the heart run. Madeline and I came down with the flu Friday night and Makenna had to start antibiotics for her hand. So, needless to say, we are all resting at home. Thanks for inviting us to Nathans bday party Lisa, but I’m most certain you would not want us to spread the wealth of germs.
      As far as the peeps nest and candles…Ben had a lot to blow out!
      The tree with the hole in it is at the Eagle River Nature Center about 10 miles from here.

        1. Makenna is doing much better. She needed abx for a cut on her finger that got infected and spread to her hand and arm 🙁 A big lesson learned for her; don’t play with sharp scissors, and Mom; take the scissors out of the junk drawer and put them somewhere kids can’t reach.

  5. ugh. very sorry to hear about the flu…good thing you’re not vacationing in mexico right now, eh? i stopped in and saw lisa and nathan yesterday. sounds like lisa had a great experience at the heart run, and we’re all looking forward to nathan’s BD today!

    all the best on a fast recovery. l, j

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