We had a good time in Chinatown yesterday. We bought so much um, stuff, we had to buy another suitcase.
And I used my Flip video camera to go around the table at the restaurant in chinatown

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  1. Hey Jon:
    Very cool and colorful post. Thanks. Looks like it wasn’t too crowded at Chinatown. We looked at the flip at Best Buy, but got Debra a Nikon Coolpix instead. Do you like the flip? I thought it looked very handy. It seems you would be more inclined to take a quick clip than with a larger camera. I would like to start taking some little videos on the boat this year. Have a fun and safe trip home. Prepare to bundle up! Love, Pete

    1. Pete, the Flip is awesome, thanks John and Cheri. I done more video this week the ever. Is so easy to put in your pocket and its there when you want it. Versus lugging around a video camera and bag.

  2. Love the ghost people in that second photo.

    Did you put the Flip video camera on a turntable or something? I can’t play the video on my iPhone – is that intentional or is my iPhone misbehaving?

      1. I think you’ve either got it set to not play on mobile phones and TV at YouTube, or it just takes YouTube time to generate an iPhone version of the video. To check the video settings, go to your video list at YouTube and click Edit, at the bottom there’s a section called Syndication where you can set it to display on phones and TV or not.

        1. Its syndicated to display on phones not sure why it isn’t working. I’m restoring my iPhone this morning, I’ll check after its done.

          1. Isaac I did a search for my user name on the youtube app on the iPhone the other videos I have show up but this one doesn’t. Maybe a matter of time, but I’ll double check the settings.

          2. Jon, I logged in to your account and didn’t see anything that would prevent it from showing up on the iPhone. There’s a bunch of stuff on the YouTube support boards about this – apparently it sometimes takes a whole day for a video to appear on the iPhone.

  3. We’re at sfo No luck with u tube on my iP either. I got a flip too – a mini – it’s great. More soon. We board shortly. L,j

  4. jon…got home about half an hour ago…first time i’ve been able to really enjoy your post AND the lazy susan video…it’s GREAT! speaking of “um, stuff”…we had to stick some of our “um, stuff” in one of your bags…the giant 5.99 painted fan was too long for all of our cases, but lisa managed to wedge it into one of yours 🙂

    so glad you guys made it! i just wish we would have had a few more days in SF…actually, a week would have been just right. thanks again for finding the embassy…that place (not to mention the rate!) was perfect and it sure was slick going to the airport this morning.

    pete…we actually made it to (well, at least very near) the buena vista…i took a couple pics. it was late the night before we left…we (cheri, lisa, sam, nathan, marina and me) hopped a trolley and rode it to FW. no time to hang out…in fact, there was a long line for the return trolley, so we had to take a cab back to the parking garage to get back to the hotel at a decent hour. next time!

    time to unpack a little and settle in…good to be home, but it sure was a fun christmas and reunion. i’ll upload some more pics soon…got some good ones of the game and a few fun ones in chinatown, too. l, j/d/gp

    1. Welcome home! Glad you all made it. Kind of a shock, eh? Looks like we will get some relief next week. I am hoping to get my three groups back when things warm up a bit. It’s hard enough to get people to commit to a trip this time of year and a shame when we have to turn them away. It’s a full time job just keeping her thawed out and ready to go. Talk to you later. Love, Pete

  5. lisa…ok, since jake is no longer a “kid,” i think your “even the kids loved it” is accurate 🙂 at one point, i wondered if cheri and marina would EVER emerge from that one store. many of those shops reminded me of vegas casinos…easy to enter, but a real challenge to find your way out! cheri observed that it was like wholesale on a lot of items…less than HALF what they normally cost. interesting.

    pete…hope you’re right about next week…this minus zero stuff is not all that appealing. if there’s a silver lining, you’re 10 degrees warmer than we are here. the boys (jake and sam plus four neighbor boys) played football for an hour out in the street last night in 8 below zero. absolutely amazing. between plays, they never stopped moving (hopping, dancing, jigging). funny stuff…amazing commitment…it’s the “lake park new year’s bowl”…they’re scheduled to head out and do it again today (it’s warmed up to 6 below) 🙂

    more soon. am hoping to do a post during the rose bowl. l,j/d/gp

  6. Love the flip video. May have Tina Blaz syndrome. And speaking of stuff, someone hypothized on Monday in Chinatown that the Gillians may have what is known as the “junk gene”. I’m not naming names but his initials are DG. (And yes, I am pointing fingers, you just can’t see it.)

  7. tee…the flip camss are VERY cool and about as easy to use as the old instamatics used to be. if you want to check out a comparably priced (just slightly more) video camera that also does GREAT stills (up to 12 megapixels), you might want to check out the Sanyo Xacti. jake got one for christmas, and the more we learn about it, the better it looks. it takes very nice quality video, and really nice still pics, too…the image quality is much better than the flips. also, it’s pretty tiny (isaac described it brilliantly as a “Phaser” from star trek), AND the darn thing works underwater (up to 5 feet). we’ll share some Sacti output on the org soon…it’s a poretty amazing unit for the price. sounds like doug and jon are on the same page after the chinatown blitz. funny stuff. l,j

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