The Night After Christmas…

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It’s late Friday night…we just finished our second big game of dominoes at the lodge this week.  Thought I’d upload a few pics while I have a little time.  Lisa, Jon, Nathan and Marina head out for SF tomorrow afternoon, and the rest of us head down there Sunday morning for the 49er-Redskin game Sunday afternoon.  Marina is feeling MUCH better…the antibiotics worked quickly, and she’s doing great.  Hope everyone had a warm, happy Christmas!  We’ve had a wonderful week, and Christmas day was everything we’d been hoping for…topped off by a great dinner that just about everyone had a hand (and fork) in.  More soon…I’m going to sleep really well tonight!  l, j/d/gp

5 thoughts on “The Night After Christmas…”

  1. Hey Jack:
    Glad to hear that Marina is feeling better. Nothing worse than flying with the flu. SF sounds fun right now (dungeness crab!)and I know you guys will have fun at the game. The vineyard looks like a cool place to hang out and everyone looks happy. We did a group shot on Christmas day after dinner at Ben’s and I am hoping he will post it. Looks to me like Jake needs to grow at least an inch to get up to Tom’s altitude, but he’s close. You are lucky to be missing this storm that is still making for some rough seas out front here. Am hoping it passes by Monday. Have a great weekend. Love, Pete

  2. pete…yeah, we’ve been extremely lucky on weather! the forecast was pretty dire just before we left, but it’s been mostly sunny this past week or light overcast. this place has worked out great…easy to get together, but also plenty of room for everyone to have some privacy and their own space.

    we’ll look forward to the ER Christmas group shot…maybe ben can post that with his new gravatar 🙂 i knew about the rating deal, but didn’t realize it affected the functionality. funny stuff.

    back to it here…there’s a west virginia bowl game on this morning…be time to pack up this afternoon for the run to SF in the a.m. hope that storm blows through soon, and we’re hoping for reasonable weather in the seattle area on the way back tuesday…it HAS to be better than it was on the way down. l, j

  3. added a couple of wedin-burpee shots i took just before they left the lodge for the big city. also…isaac had it right on wine vs. table grapes…found this on-line: Have you ever wondered what the difference between wine grapes and regular grapes is? Wine grapes are significantly smaller than regular “eating grapes”, they have a higher ratio of skin to pulp (this makes them more tannic), their pulp is soft and their skins are chewier then eating grapes. Wine grapes are often more fragrant, sweeter and spicier – table grapes on the other hand are often crunchier and refreshingly tart in comparison. The Muscat grape is one of the few wine grapes are popular both for eating and for making wine, it is sweet and delicious – in both situations.

  4. Looks very green there for this time of year – my lawn sure doesn’t look like that.

    The game starts pretty soon – go…um…Redskins?

  5. Isaac yeahVERY green here. Game was great. 27-24…niners won with 2 seconds left! We’re at sfo. Back 2nite. We found your restaurant at Chinatown gate! L,j

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