4 thoughts on “ER Group”

    1. With any luck, Jack will work the photo over….he can fix just about any photo problem. I am hoping to master that in 09. Pete

  1. Hey Ben:
    Thanks for posting the photo. I think we had too many lights on in the room. Natalie is a bit startled by my bringing her to the front at the last minute….glad I did, though, as I would have covered her! Love, Dad

  2. ben, pete…did a little futzing with your pic, ben, but the file size was very small (70kb), so not a lot of data there to work with. if you have an original with a larger file size, pop it in there. for what it’s worth, too much light is almost always better than too little for photo enhancing…the exception is when the subject is totally flashed out. it’s a great group pic. l,j

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