Christmas Fun

Hello! It looks like you are all having a great time in California–wanted to share a few photos with you of our visit to the Eagle River Wedins. Thank you Ben and Jessica for putting up with us, and glad you were able to get the coffee maker and the dishwasher working again…. Alexa is getting so big, almost as big as Dora! She sure had fun opening presents.
Alexa Dora Alexa Present
Here is a happy Gramma–the girls sure enjoyed their new house and all their other presents.
Gramma and Girls New Play House 1 opening presents
Grampa read the girls a story and Madeline fell asleep while Makenna hung on every word…..
Hope everyone had as much fun as we did and look forward to a Happy New Year too…take care. Love Debra

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  1. hey, looks like a wonderful ER christmas there! the playhouse looks like big fun…that should be a nice diversion during these winter cold snaps. we’re packing up for the push south in the a.m.—lisa and jon are already in SF and we’ll see them in the morning before it’s time to head for the game. more soon…thanks for sharing the christmas pics. l,j

    1. Hey Jack:
      For those interested and with time before the game, the Buena Vista ( ) in SF is a killer breakfast spot. Not only do they do 18 different eggs Benedict, they are also the originator of “Irish” coffee! Have fun at the game. Love, Pete

      1. I did exaggerate a bit in my last comment….their menu now only has four eggs Benedict-like offerings and I guess they modified an actual Irish recipe to their own liking, so are not the “originator” Pete

      2. Fixed yer link – you’ve gotta have space around it for magic auto-linkification to occur. Mandi and I like Cafe de la Presse near the Chinatown gate – plenty of awesome around there too.

  2. pete…thanks for the tip (eggs benedict sound great!)…it’s 8 here now and we’re about to head out…we should get into SF about 10, then check in at the embassy which is just north of the airport. my guess is we’ll be heading for candlestick park as soon as we get our luggage unloaded. BUT…we’ll check out the buena vista site…maybe we can hit that monday or tuesday morning before we head for the airport. we’re thinking about 6 flags (theme park)…we’ll see how it all goes. time to finish loading up…more soon! l,j

  3. isaac…after a lot of map-questing, the chinatown area looks like a winner. we thought about 6 flags, but it’s just too much for just the one day we have here. anyhow, i think we’ll head downtown and do the basic stuff…cable cars, fishermens wharf, chinatown, etc. should be a little bit of something for everyone…we’ll see if we can track down cafe de la presse and the buena vista one our travels. more soon. l,j

    1. Great photos! I like the motion-blur dark shots. Here’s a link to Jon’s Flickr stream if you’re not sure how to get there:

      The Flickr tool in the post editor can now insert a variety of photo sizes now so when you have time try it out and let me know what you think.

  4. Holey Moley Alexa is getting big. I can’t wait to see Madeline, Makenna and Alexa. Looks like a wonderful Christmas in Eagle River. We had a great time in Ca but boy good to be home.

  5. Hi Lisa, Glad you are home enjoying the heat wave here.

    It was 1 at the bank this morning. Yes, we sure enjoyed our Christmas visit. Madeline spilled the beans and told me they got me ear plugs for Christmas, they were so cute, they wanted to give presents to everyone. I have to say thanks again to the parents for letting us be part of it all.

    We look forward to seeing you on our turf around Martin Luther King day. Love Debra

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