Iphone post from st. Helena

Just trying Isaac iphone post suggestion. Good news bad news. Lisa got our luggage. We are having a great time. But marina is sick.

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  1. jon…you’re about 100′ feet away but thought i’d comment anyway. nice post! i downloaded the WP app a bit ago…might give it a try tomorrow. also, got lots of pics today on the geyser and petrified forest tour. it was fun. REALLY glad your luggage showed up and glad marina’s feeling better already. see you in a bit. l,j

  2. Yeah, is that a pool? Wow! Good quality post coming from a handheld. Had a blizzard warning today, but turned out to be a bit of snow and some wind when it cleared. We head for Anch tomorrow and am glad your luggage and you all made it to where you were going. Hope Marina is all well by tomorrow. Love, Pete

  3. Nice post – cool that you figured out the WordPress app. Hope Marina feels better for Xmas. Is that a pool?

    1. That’s a great photo of Lisa – her face is clearly visible, her eyes are open, and her tongue is not sticking out…what more could you ask for?

  4. Might just need to hit shift-reload in your browser. Failing that, make sure the address you have at gravatar.com is the same one you use at wedin.org. You can add a couple of addresses to your gravatar account if you use more than one…or can’t remember which you use.

    Merry Boxing Day!

    1. Isaac,

      I did all of that, but I am concerned that wedin.org only recognizes our old e-mail address (benandjess@alaska.net), which is long gone. I checked in my settings and I have my new address in there. I am going to try a few more things.

      Merry Boxing Day right back at ‘cha, Love, Ben

      1. Ben,

        gravatar.com has a thing where you can check for an avatar linked to an email address ( http://en.gravatar.com/site/check/ ). I think the problem is that you rated your avatar PG. Um, we’re strictly G-rated here at wedin.org. The poopy cow looked pretty G-rated to me, but that’s up to you. So, you’ll either have to re-rate or choose something you think is G-rated.

        Took a look at the user list and you and Jess do indeed have a couple three users in there. Looks like you haven’t ever posted with the account with that old address, but I’ll change its address to your hotmail address so you can claim it if you want to.

        Speaking of email addresses, keep in mind that you and Jess are welcome to @wedin.org addresses whenever you want them. We’re hosting the email with Google now, so it’s a lot more reliable, and the webmail is much nicer.

        Habari Gani! Love, Isaac

          1. Cool! I wonder if others have run into the G-rating thing? Good to remember for the next avatarization…

    2. I am sure hoping that Ben chose the cool Nordic photo for his gravatar. Not sure why it didn’t work, but am sure you guys can figure it out. I am thinking since Jess wants anonymity, maybe a cool flower like Cheri’s would be appropriate? Made it home in fine style and we are cookin’ some supper and watchin’ a movie (Key Largo!) Have a great weekend….looks like I’ll be sittin’ it out for weather. Love, Dad

  5. Good Morning!
    Those grapes look good enough to eat! As I recall, grapes grown for wine are not necessarily those that are great to eat. Is that right? I wanted to stay on subject there, but really want to make a couple of observations. It appears that you can reply to a “reply”, but the font gets smaller yet. Also, Ben’s avatar (and Cheri’s) are good examples of those that would prefer anonymity. Just read through Jack’s morning post and will comment there next. Safe travels, all. Pete

    1. Those grapes might be pretty sweet by now – if they’re kept on the vine late the sugars get more concentrated. I think wine grapes usually have a lot of bitter tannins in their skins and plenty of seeds though, so they’re not so nice to munch on.

      I’ll investigate keeping the font the same size on the replies – the first level is okay but the later ones are hard to read, especially on my little laptop.

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