Thanksgiving Soup

Greetings Organauts:
Well, we really appreciated Jack’s post with Thanksgiving wishes and yes, this family has much to be thankful for. The WFR08 truly was the year’s highlight and am just hoping that when we plan another, more of us can come and join the party. Although I have meant to post some photos, I have been remiss and now, I can only hope this one is successful. I’ll start with a group shot from today just before Ben, Jess, and girls departed.thanksgiving 08 editedWe had a good family gathering….lots of hugging, reading, playing, and of course, eating. Madeline and Makenna can hold up their end of a conversation now and are quite curious about everything. Kenna with balloonMaddie with glasses
Alexa is growing fast and is now in clothes in the nine-month size. She is very content to just sit on your lap and smile, unless she is hungry or needs a diaper and then she just says so. Jess and Alexa Nov 08Ben cookin chicken 1 Somehow, this photo of Ben never got posted and I wanted to share it with you all. He is a great Daddy and all of his girls obviously love him. Also, on our minds and in our thoughts in the next couple of weeks will be Duke who will have surgery early next month.Pete  Tim and Duke 1 Am hoping that we will hear that Duke and the boys had a fun hunt this weekend. Debra and I made a quick trip to Eagle River a couple of weeks ago and were able to get some photos with the girls. Debra and girls 1Grampa and GirlsRevSept blackbear Here’s a shot of our friendly black bear that often visits, but is elusive to the lens. And finally, a shot from my favorite fishing trip of the year.Luau fishing trip 1 Well, am hoping this will get uploaded. I plan to try to call some of those that might not see the org. Looking forward to seeing Isaac and Mandi Wednesday evening and hoping to see some of the rest of you very soon. Love, Pete

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  1. pete…yeah, that’s an epic post, great pics, and a fun 3 generation group shot! a quick sidebar (and interesting coincidence): the rotating thumbnail pic in the org menu column this morning was “jessica on jungle jim”…it was a pic from may, 2005, about a month before M&M were born, and a wonderful “then & now” photo-journal. anyhow, sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend.

    had meant to email priss last week, so thanks for the reminder on pete’s surgery…it’s this coming friday, so it’s coming right up. they go in wednesday for that pre-op orientation…maybe we’ll get an update then. am hoping someone there can do an org post or group email on friday to let us know how everything goes.

    back to it here…we’re on the lake park lighting trail this weekend (mostly jake!), and we made some great progress yesterday. we got a slug of new snow yesterday and close to 6″ last night, so the ladder work is exciting…sure nice to be on the “dumb” end of the ladder for a change!

    THANKS for the great post and pics, pete…definitely worth waiting for. the kid and aloha shirt pics are wonderful and the “luau catch-of-the-day” shot is priceless…nice haul!

    more soon…l,j

  2. Wow, like 4 months of stuff in one post! Those shirts are sure awesome…are you going to bring a couple to wear in Florida?

  3. Pete and Debra,
    Thanks for a great Thanksgiving weekend. We all enjoyed spending it with you guys. Hope you have a safe trip and fun travels. We will be thinking of you all as your enjoying the warm weather and nice beaches.

  4. hey jess…good to see you on the org, as always. really admired you guys for making the trip to homer this weekend…hopefully, you missed the worst of the weather, but we got hit pretty good here in town, so imagine the drive was exciting, at least in places.

    we woke up to a blown hot water heater this morning. ugh. thankfully, cheri heard it hissing…i probably wouldn’t have noticed it until midafternoon (after the sheetrock had dissolved off the wall). glad to get it fixed before our trip…it was due to conk out, anyway, so good thing we were here for the flood. more soon. l,j

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