Alexas’ New Hair-Do

Just wanted to show off Alexa’s new hair-do. Isn’t it pretty?PA221603 1
…and here’s a picture of Makenna at dinnerPA181599
…and Maddie having fun in our mountain of laundryPA211602Hope you’re all having a good week.
Love to all,

7 thoughts on “Alexas’ New Hair-Do”

  1. Boy that grew in fast. They are sure growing! We miss you all and want to make a trip up before Pete goes to Kodiak. What are you doing this weekend–folding laundry? I could help!

    Love Gramma Debra

  2. Thanks Jess! That is a bit of sunshine on a dark, windy morning. We are getting ready to head off to work. Have a great day….give those dolls a hug from us. Love, Pete

  3. the thumbnail of alexa looks like a toys-r-us doll…in fact, the full size pic, looks like a doll. i had to look twice…it’s a wig, right? i hope so…otherwise, she’ll be wanting the car keys and gas money by next spring. the pic of makenna reminds me of a face-plant jake did when he was still about 2…he was really tired, and finally just plopped in the middle of his plate (which was piled with gooey, sticky pureed something). by the way, that is NOT a “mountain of laundry”…more like a foothill. if maddie wants to stop by, uncle jack has a mc kinley size pile she can get LOST in. 🙂 l,j

  4. Adorable. We have a picture of Marina at that age asleep at the breakfast table. I just found the bottom of my laundry pile but alas no cute little munchkins.

  5. I think I saw some hair like that today in Helsinki! I’m running out of clean laundry so hopefully there’ll be a place to do some washing at our next stop. We came close to a “Soldotna Safeway parking lot” moment today at Suomenlinna Island but we managed to turn things around at a cafe. If you’re thinking of going to Finland, I think maybe September or earlier would be a bit nicer.

  6. Probably like visiting Fairbanks in October. I don’t like to visit Fairbanks between October and February.

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