For Doug

You wouldn’t believe it, but I picked the dresses. I think I was meant to have girls.
The twins sure love their new sis.
Love, Ben

5 thoughts on “For Doug”

  1. Happy Birthday Priss. So many birthdays so close together. Hope that you had a wonderful day. We are all looking forward to seeing you and Pete soon.

    Love, Ben

  2. Hey Ben:
    Thanks for the new photos….hope Doug was able to get them. Am so jazzed to come on Thursday night and see all of you. Mary P….Happy Birthday.We should have made a post….am just about passed out right now, but Peter and I did talk about you this morning and we were thinking about you. We did catch one ling cod today on the opening day of 2008….didn’t get to eat any, though! All for now. See you all in Anch this Friday…Love, Pete

  3. Thanks guys!!! I did have a great day! Had a nice lunch with Deb at Sockeyes in Monroe and the family cooked me a nice dinner here! And Giselle spent the night….perfect day. I love the pictures!!! Alexis is so pretty and her sisters are too!!! I am so thankful for this ORG…it is so nice to be able to keep up with everyone….I don’t feel so far away. ( or par, par away as Giselle puts it when she talks about Uncle Peter)

  4. ben…nice round of bonus pics. they might be “for doug” but they’re obviously a big hit with everyone. the one of the three girls in bed is priceless! you guys should have a baby more often! really fun to see you on the org lately.

    priss…will comment on your birthday post next…as you may recall, your birthday is our anniversary…yesterday was our 19th, and we had a fun day, too…it was the best, sunniest and warmest day of the summer so far, so we had lunch at the lagoon and then a nice dinner downtown.

    pete…i know you’ll be on a mission tomorrow, but maybe we can rendezvous at some point. we may make a quick day trip to seward for the mt. marathon event on friday…still working out details on that.

    more soon. l,j

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