Oh Baby!

Our newest addition to our family is finally here. Baby and Mommy are doing great. She was 8lbs. 5oz., 21in. and perfect.
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Some other fun.
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We are thankful for all of our girls.
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12 thoughts on “Oh Baby!”

  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to get up there to see everyone and meet her…no idea when that’ll be at the moment though.

  2. Oh goodness sakes, wish we could have been there, will be up soon for hugs and smooches – she is soooo adorable.

    Love to all of our girls and boy – feeling outnumbered yet?

    Love Debra/Gramma

  3. VERY COOL! the girls look totally thrilled about their new sister. are you guys planning to make it down for the luau? we may go down that week, but probably have to be back here friday night and/or saturday for 2x football games. let us know when you’re ready for visitors! love, uncle jack

  4. Congratulations, Hopefully the twins will be a big help for you. Do you have a name yet? Lisa probably knows but she hasn’t told me 😉

  5. jon…pete said one of the front-runners in the name game was Alexus Paige. i think it’s still in committee, though, so we’ll just have to wait for the final decision. btw, sam LOVED the movie today! thanks for taking him. j

  6. Hey Ben and ALL the girls:
    Great post and thanks for the photos. They are all dolls and you look so proud, as you should be. Good to see the comments coming in and we are very anxious to head up to see you all. Thursday after fishing is in the plan. Not sure if Peter C will come with us or not, but Debra nad I will head up and I will fly home on Friday night for my Saturday appointment. Debra can hang for part of the weekend. Madeline and Makenna look like the doting sisters! Too cool. They’ll be allot of help in the years to come. In the meantime, we are getting the “kid’s yard” together here on the bluff and am hoping you can all come enjoy it soon. Weather was awesome today and am hoping for the same tomorrow…opening day of ling cod season. Congrats and all our love, GrandpaX3

  7. Sorry I forgot to post her name. Alexa Paige it means “defender of mankind” and “helper.” She is very quiet and serene (thank god) an d her sisters love her very much. They were singing to her in the hospital.

    As far as visitors, I am sure that Jess will be feeling up for it in a couple of days. Both momma and baby are doing well.

    Thanks for all the well wishing, you guys don’t know how important it is.

    PS-Isaac and Mandi we would love to see you to see you, but isn’t a new baby a great excuse to come?

    Ben (with help from my girls)

  8. ben…beautiful name, and very timely…mankind could use a few more defenders! keep us posted on visiting…looking forward to it! l,j

  9. Wonderful news, gorgeous girls! Welcome, Alexa Paige, to the sunshine. Is June 30 her birthday? (Just wondering whether it was this morning or last night . . .?) Ben and Jess, your family is just perfect. Madeline and Makenna, you are the big sisters, now. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Love, Cheri

  10. Congratulations Ben and Jess!!! Your girls are so beautiful!!!! I love the baby’s name and meaning…too cool. The girls ARE going to be a big help…They will be great entertainers. Sarah was about that age when Tim was born and she was really amazing with him. So exciting…I will plan on visitng you all when i come up or see you in Homer? Either way I can’t wait to hold that little bundle of joy and hug those beautiful big sisters!!!!! Take care Love , Aunt Priss

  11. Congratulations. I am so excited. I can’t wait to meet Alexa. Maybe this weekend. Give big kisses to the big sisters. Take Care. Lisa

  12. Jessica said she is up for visitors and we are open tomorrow. Just give us a call first, but we should be home all day tomorrow.

    The twins attended a birthday party today at Valley of the Moon Park. I had forgotten what a neat park that is. I think (correct me if I am wrong) that we had watched some large balloons from there one time when I was little.

    Alexa’s birthday is the 29th. That was the twins true due date.

    Mom is resting and I am spending some time witht he girls.

    Goodnight, Love, Ben

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