A lot of balls in the air…

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Have really missed the org lately, but just keeping up with comments on posts has been a challenge. Seems like everyone’s summer has hit high gear….hard to believe that solstice is less than a week from now! Wanted to share a few pics here of recent activities: Jake’s football camp (16th Annual Colony Camp)…this is the camp Ben attended in the mid 90’s with Drew Bledsoe…hundreds of Varsity players from all over the state…very cool! Sam’s football camp at Service HS (he tried out for QB)…it was for 7th and 8th graders, but they gave him a waiver (he goes into 6th next year)…Nathan’s soccer game last week…he was AMAZING and totally “on the ball”…his team won 4-3…Marina and Jon practicing (we’re planning to go to Marina’s game next week)…Tom Hubbard with a Lake Park “Big Gulp” when he made the mistake of telling Uncle John he was thirsty…and, Charlie and me on a Fly Right film shoot at Merrill Field with a classic AT6 Texan in background. Hopefully, these pictures are worth several thousand words and I’m now caught up on org posting! Love, J/D/GP

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  1. Nice post, Jack! I probably have some photos somewhere that need posting, but you pretty much summed it up…we’re in high gear. Had today off and we rented a couple of machines….a skid-steer loader and a track-hoe. Got the hole in front of the house excavated and filled and did some leveling in the yard. It looks pretty much like a bomb went off right now, but it’ll smooth out in a day or so. We have a couple of “groundskeepers” working here now. Hope we can afford to keep them awhile….the progress is amazing. I really like to have young people around, anyway. Sure do miss you all….waiting patiently to hear news frolm Eagle River. I have next Monday and Wednesday off, so there may be a quick flight to Anchorage in my future. All for now….am bushed. I was on the backhoe at 5 AM this morning. Three days of fishing oughta allow me to recover. Love, Pete

  2. Oh yeah…we had the stand-up comic (Paul Harris) who specializes in red-neck humor on the boat yesterday and although rough, we had a good timed and got all of ourt fish. He is very nice and I’ll bet he is hilarious on stage. Four shows, Friday and Saturday 6 and 8 PM at the Wild Berry Theater…check it out. Pete

  3. pete…funny coincidence…just saw the wildberry tv ad, and jake and i were right next door there at the transfer station this morning with a pick-up load of flotsam and jetsam from the backyard. i currently have our master bath shower torn up…had a leak which ended up damaging the guest room ceiling. typical deal…thought it was the drain/trap, but it’s a pan/caulking issue…SO, took the door surround out and am regrouting and recaulking everything. ugh. NOT the most fun i’ve had lately. anyhow, your project sounds WAY more fun…and satisfying. looking forward to news from ER, too…keep us “posted”…the org is so GREAT for that kinda news! more soon. been a loooooong day here, too. l,j

  4. jon…went back through your flickr album to easter…fun stuff! nathan, sam and two neighbor friends spent the night in the tree-fort. it was blowing and raining this morning, but they were snug and cozy out there. fun stuff.

    how are we going to recognize you in the parade? maybe we’ll just look for the BEST storm trooper costume…looks like a pretty skookum get-up.

    was looking at the rigs in the clear parking shot…some of those guys must need another job to pay for gas (can’t imagine commuting in a 3/4 ton pickup from anchorage or fairbanks). yikes.

    more soon. l,j

  5. They are all crying. 2 Wasilla commuter drive pick-up and 4 fairbanks guy, rest are local but they still have to go to fairbanks for cheaper gas. Two gas stations in Healy regular gas prices are 4.85 and 5.25 for regular at the other.

  6. ouch. i cringe when i have to fill up the F150, but that’s about every 2-3 weeks. 5.25 for regular??? used to be able to get a gallon of WINE for less than that…gas in healy is more like “gallons of whine.” ugh. j

  7. I love filling up the Rebel – $4/gal vs. $5/gal isn’t a big deal when you’re only getting one gallon. I’m half-looking for a new bike, but they don’t all get quite the same gas mileage as the Rebel.

  8. what sort of mileage do you get with that rig? it doesn’t look like an econo-bike which is a nice bonus. j

  9. Around town I get around 60 mpg, and it’s supposed to get 70-80 on the highway. The Ninja 250 is another good mpg bike, but it doesn’t have the sweet cruiser look of the Rebel. I’d imagine a Ninja does 65 or 70 mph no problem though, which is a struggle for the Rebel.

  10. Summer has been busy. I don’t know why I thought school getting out would make things easier. We have soccer four nights a week. I am also taking a technical writing course that doesn’t help summer scheduling. Jon has been off during the week so the kids are covered plus the house stays clean and the lawn mowed. I hope to make it down to Homer before we head to New Hampshire at the end of July.

  11. Hey Lisa, Isaac, and All:
    Yeah, gas and diesel are expensive and I believe all of ours lives are altered forever….get used to high energy expenses. I am hoping this means you will stay longer when you come to visit. We are planting a garden. Come on down. I did not get to go see the Rebel for sale in Chugiak, Isaac….maybe I canb make it up there if a grandchild is born. I am pretty well booked up and engaged here and with all; the house projects, not sure I can swing $1800 even for a good deal. I LIKE the Rebel, though, and the one you found is really clean looking.If I do make it up there, I’ll check it out.Am pretty sure it is already sold. All for now. Love, Pete

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