Catch-up, Concert, Coastal Trail Cartwheels…

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I uploaded a few pics from Cheri’s little pocket camera and thought a few would be fun to share on the org. Can’t believe it’s JUNE today…’08 is just flying by! We’re looking forward to the luau in August…only conflict there will be football, but we’ll work around the schedules. The foot surgeries have been tough, but Cheri was on a roll yesterday (see “cartwheel” pics above)…we hit the coastal trail for a nice stroll ‘n roll, then the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale. Would have been tough on crutches, but the cart worked really well. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! l, j/d/gp

8 thoughts on “Catch-up, Concert, Coastal Trail Cartwheels…”

  1. I am glad you had fun at the Elton John concert. Kacy said she saw you on the news. We watched but didn’t see maybe we were on the wrong channel. I am glad Cheri got out of the house. It is tough to be stuck in the house. It was great to have Jake help out at Dog Day afternoon.

  2. lisa…jake had fun, and it looked like a great event! as for the news thing, it was on channel 2, but i think it aired on the morning report. more soon. tell john to give me a call on that coolant leak…l,d

  3. “Coolant leak” brings back fond memories of my first car, that sweet 68 Ford truck.

    That cart looks fun, especially compared to crutches!

  4. I am impressed with the cart!!! I wish they would’ve offered me that. Your boot is far more high tech than mine were. Mine were ever so ugly…until I updated them : ) That is awsome about Elton John too! I bet that was a treat. Well looks like I will be there on the 12th of August and return with Peter on the 20th. Duke and Tim will fly in on the night of the 14th and fly out the night of the 17th. Their trip is going to be a whirlwind but worth it. I’m so excited!!!!!

  5. That’s great that you guys will make it up this summer. I will have Marina make up a bed for you. See you in August.

  6. Thanks Lisa!!! I will look forward to my sleepover there!!! August seems like a long ways away but really once peter takes off this week its going to fly….I am planning on painting inside…every room in this house needs it. Might take me 2 months!!!! I’m looking forward to it…I love to paint.

  7. That’s what I did last time the kids and Jon were gone. I painted their rooms. We still have some painting to do in this house. We haven’t painted the bathrooms or hall downstairs. I love color. I think I want one of the bathrooms blue. I can’t wait to see you. I will see Peter tomorrow night. He gets to sleep over here.

  8. Thanks Lisa I will tell him…that’s so nice of you to get him so late…i appreciate you taking care of him! We sure are going to miss him around here…Giselle spent the night last night so she could get more “My Peter” time. She is really going to miss him this year. I can’t wait til its my turn to come….I’m so excited to see all of you again…March seems like so long ago now.

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