Christmas Fun

Hello! It looks like you are all having a great time in California–wanted to share a few photos with you of our visit to the Eagle River Wedins. Thank you Ben and Jessica for putting up with us, and glad you were able to get the coffee maker and the dishwasher working again…. Alexa is getting so big, almost as big as Dora! She sure had fun opening presents.
Alexa Dora Alexa Present
Here is a happy Gramma–the girls sure enjoyed their new house and all their other presents.
Gramma and Girls New Play House 1 opening presents
Grampa read the girls a story and Madeline fell asleep while Makenna hung on every word…..
Hope everyone had as much fun as we did and look forward to a Happy New Year too…take care. Love Debra

The Night After Christmas…

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It’s late Friday night…we just finished our second big game of dominoes at the lodge this week.  Thought I’d upload a few pics while I have a little time.  Lisa, Jon, Nathan and Marina head out for SF tomorrow afternoon, and the rest of us head down there Sunday morning for the 49er-Redskin game Sunday afternoon.  Marina is feeling MUCH better…the antibiotics worked quickly, and she’s doing great.  Hope everyone had a warm, happy Christmas!  We’ve had a wonderful week, and Christmas day was everything we’d been hoping for…topped off by a great dinner that just about everyone had a hand (and fork) in.  More soon…I’m going to sleep really well tonight!  l, j/d/gp