A Lake Park Christmas Orgament!

On this Christmas Eve Eve, we wanted to share
From all of us here to all of you there
A Christmas as merry, as merry can be
And the brightest of stars topping your tree
Love, The Lake Park Gillian-WedinsChristmasEveEve 07

8 thoughts on “A Lake Park Christmas Orgament!”

  1. This just in … From my new iTouch! Didn’t even know I wanted one, but I definitely did. A very merry Christmas to all. Hope your day is filled with comfort and joy. Mine sure is. Oh, and a little bit of iFun too. Love, Cheri

  2. thought I’d try a quick comment on my iphone…pretty amazing technology! It’ll take awhile to master this keyboard. we had a wonderful Chrismas day…not long now tll the reunion. More soon from a full-size keyboard. L,j

  3. Hey Jack/Cheri:
    First of all, your house looked sumptuous! The Lake Park light tour was a perfect topper for an enchanting evening. Lisa and Jon did a great job of hosting us all and it is so great to be able to get together on Christmas Eve. The photo in this post does not do your tree justice, but isn’t it nice to have a teenager to top things off? I will elaborate later, but thank you for the gifts….awesome! We had a BLAST with Ben, Jess, and the girls (and Grandma Linda joined us for dinner) today. It was a musical holiday for them with what you sent over (Jess said she was going to get that, too) and we got them a xylophone, so there should be the makings of a garage band right there. Well, we are bushed, so off to bed. BTW, the FNBA calendar is really good and the shot of the spit is the most unique I have ever seen. Thanks. Love, Pete

  4. Merry Christmas everyone, a day late! What a beautiful picture! I apologize for not putting on pictures of Christmas Eve yet, I’ll make it a top priority. Love you all!

  5. pete/sarah…yeah, the tree-topping pic was tricky…no flash made the tree look terrific, but the faces were hard to see…the flash lit the faces, but then the tree paled in the background…finally opted for faces over foliage.

    glad your christmases were joyous…be great to see pics of your christmas eve, sarah! i didn’t take a group shot at jon’s and lisa’s on christmas eve…everyone was having so much fun, i just didn’t want to break the spell with the logistics of gathering everyone up. i DO have some fireworks pics i could load up…we all drove out to wasilla christmas eve where fireworks are now legal 🙂

    almost ’08…the reunion is right around the corner! l, j/d/gp

  6. isaac…just saw some new HEADERS! wow…those are GREAT. the one of the clam-digging group in homer is wonderful…nice work! l,j

  7. I’d love to hear about how the site looks and works with the iPhone/iTouch. Does the posting interface work?

  8. isaac…decided to go ahead and do a test post from the iPhone to see how it would work. just double-checked, and there it is…pretty slick. i’ve been on wedin.org more than any other site on the iP, and it looks GREAT on there…especially, when you go to widescreen mode. all the sites features work flawlessly.

    i’m going to concentrate right now on getting the phone process nailed down. it’s different than any cell phone i’ve had, but i already sense that once i get it down, it’s going to be great. also, this thing synchs with key mac programs (like your address/contact software), so that’s very cool…just hook it up and it’s done. it also synchs with email, iTunes, iCal, etc. i’m actually doing ok on the touchscreen keyboarding…learning to do it with the sides of my fingertips. i wouldn’t want to compose any long passages with it, but for quick stuff, it’s a LOT easier than hard keys…my fingers just weren’t made for those tiny keys you have to depress. yada-yada. anyhow, the more i learn the more i like this thing. cheri is really happy with her iTouch. paired with her new KRZR, it’s just right for her. l,j

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