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La Connerhey…owing to the fact that the homer and anchorage wedins are the most far-flung in the wedinsphere, jean spoke with pete and i (very informally at this point) yesterday about the possibilitiy of having a wedin family reunion in 2008.

in laconner!

it’s a small beginning, but we have to start somewhere! there is no plan whatsoever at this point, but jean – based on our enthusiasm here about the laconner concept – is checking into lodging, gathering venues, etc. in the laconner area. certainly, everyone needs to weigh in on the location, but so far it’s thumbs up here as a GREAT place to gather.

we’ve struggled for years with the question of “where,” and laconner seems like the perfect solution. if that’s acceptable to everyone else, the challenge of nailing down a unanimously acceptable “when” is the next hurdle. we all have work, school, and seasonal schedules that are very challenging to reconcile, so again…we’ve got to start somewhere. for us here on lake park, the best slot would probably be over spring break in ’08. that runs from march 7-16, with two weekends: 8th/9th and 15th/16th. probably be best for us on the 8th and 9th, but we can certainly be flexible on that. that schedule is consistent for jon and lisa (and nathan and marina), too. not sure how this time frame lines out with schedules in washington and oregon. let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

anyhow, seems like the org is a good place to start with thoughts and comments on a reunion. so…please remember that nothing is struck in stone at this point: it’s just an idea at this point, but one that is long overdue!

also, if we can’t quite muster unanimous support and participation in a reunion, i think some of us will follow through, anyway. it would be nice to have everyone show up for at least one day, but it’s always an event when two or more wedins get together, so we’re on board here at lake park, no matter what…and also, we’ll be as flexible as possible to reconcile any scheduling conflicts. the rest will take care of itself, eh?

more soon. and thanks, jean, for moving this past the “sure wish we could” stage!

love, j/d/gp

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  1. We are on board with this idea, enthusiastically, here in Homer. It is always nice to get away in March and either weekend would not conflict with the Winter King Tournament. I just wish I could figure out how to get the motorhome down there before then. Would be fun to do a road trip either before or after the big event. I am excited about the prospect of us all getting together and preparing a meal or two together….yum! Anyhow, anything we can do to further this idea, count us in! Pete

  2. hey pete…sounds great! the org would be the perfect place to plan and get feedback on dates and such. won’t work for everyone, of course, but a good place to get things started.

    doesn’t look like spring break will be the same week in washington. i just looked at the seattle school district calendar for 06-07 (they don’t have one yet for 08)…anyhow, this year they have a “mid-winter break” in late feb…spring break isn’t until april, a month later than here. so…logistics for a weekend reunion wouldn’t be too tough for those in the laconner area. but, a sunday shindig would be a challenge for those driving from olympia, and portland would be a long haul if it went late. maybe we should try to schedule the “big day” for a saturday…maybe breakfast on sunday and call it good for the “main event.”

    it’s all idle speculation at this point, eh? but, after all these years of talking about it, this feels like it just might happen. the motorhome idea sounds fun…be quite an adventure to get it rolling. kinda reminds me of when we all got together at the newton’s in westport before you guys headed for AK in the VW bus. wow…that was 25 years ago. more soon. l,j

  3. We here in Gold Bar are up for any date…Haven’t talked to Sarah yet but I’m sure she is game also. I will talk to Deb today or this weekend sometime. Spring is perfect too….I’m so excited I can’t wait to talk to Jean….we are going up for the tulips soon. Love priss

  4. I haven’t talked to Lisa about this, but I would volunteer to drive it down with lisa and the kids, and fly back up depending on the dates.

  5. i’ll email newtons today, too, and maybe you or deb could give markay a call. i haven’t talked to markay in quite awhile, so i might give them a ring, too. it’s a rough count, but it looks like we have 15 confirmed so far…not bad for an idea that’s only been out there for 24 hours! another thought…does anyone have any objections to opening this up a bit? for example, i was thinking about inviting pete miele…he lives just down the road from laconner, and he’d enjoy seeing everyone! robert, jenny, mary and ron…also, jimmy and lynn mercer…maybe priss or deb could invite them? and…maybe walt kisner…if he’s around, i think he’d enjoy stopping by and it’d be fun to see him. i can go either way on opening it up like that…just a thought. l,j

  6. Hi All:
    I think “opening it up” is a nice dynamic….could be a good buffer. Getting the “extended” family and friends would be a very good idea for at least one of the potlucks. I can see that Jack is gonna need a wide-angle lense! JON, I have never driven DOWN the highway yet and if you guys are up for that, let’s talk. Love, Pete

  7. sounds good, pete. i know the priority is to get our families together, but it might be fun cast the net a bit wider. probably ought to wait and see how everyone feels about it, but it’s a fun thought. speaking of family, markay emailed back this morning and the newtons are on board and confirmed. she also included an update on tim…we’ll need to work on getting in touch with him.

    isaac, any merit to adding a “2008 Reunion” page/link to the org? if nothing else, it’d be great to have a page where folks could sign in and confirm they’ll be there…the regular org posts and comments on the reunion are likely to get a bit scattered and challenging to follow and collate in the months ahead. anyhow, i was going to list the reunion on the one-time events page, but discovered it had been dropped.

    priss mentioned calling deb this weekend, so hopefully we’ll be hearing back from the millers soon, too. i assume that dan and tim will (or already have been) contacted, too. i’m not in touch with them right now, but hopefully that will change soon. l,j

  8. Yeah Jon and Lisa, I’ll get the parts list and the GPS loaded with NAPA locations.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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