Just talked to Deb and they were headed out for birthday dinner. debBD07Danny Ella She is now – and for the next 5 days – as old as I am. She didn’t SOUND that old, but then again, my hearing isn’t what it used to be 🙂 I also heard that Danny and family are confirmed for the reunion, and that’s just a little over 2 months from now! Seems like it was a year off just last week. More soon. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year from Lake Park! l,j

New Email Address

The Burpee family now has a new email address. We were tired of dsl being so slow, so we switched to Cable our new email is… burpeefamily@gci.net Though you will still be able to get us at the old address for a week or two.

Isaac do we need to do anything to link wedin.org address’ ?

A little site update

New headers! There are a few of them, selected at random each time a page loads. If you have a favorite image you’d like me to put in the pool of headers, email it to me or post a link to it in the comments. Any and all suggestions for the text, appearance, etc. are very welcome.

Other changes… The archives page was getting very long and ugly, so I cleaned it up. The recent comments list seemed more appropriate for the sidebar – now you can tell at a glance where the action is happening. I changed some fonts and colors, and moved some stuff around. As ever, if you notice anything broken or unsightly please let me know right away.