Mandi and Isaac’s European Adventure

We’ve been back for a week, and I figure I’d better write something now, before my 30-something memory can’t remember where we went and what we did. I guess the trip really started sometime last year during a trip to Seattle, when our friends Geoffrey and Annemarie announced they were getting married…in Lyon, France. Of course, we said we’d love to attend. Then, our friends Silke and Markus announced they too would be getting married…in Geilenkirchen, Germany, just a week after Geoffrey and Annemarie. So, our basic plan was to start in Lyon and make our way to Geilenkirchen somehow.

Notre Dame and the Seine

We flew into Paris and spent a night there, mostly so we could visit L’Orangerie, a small museum that houses two huge Monet murals. It was closed for renovation the last time we were there, and just reopened a few months ago. We had to wait in line a while and the humanity was dense inside, but it was worth it. To fight off the jet lag we walked around a lot and drank several espressos. I think we crossed the Seine 4 or 6 times thanks to Mandi’s navigation.

St Paul church and station Roman amphitheatre and Lyon

After picking up some snacks we took the fast train to Lyon and picked up the car we’d be driving around the rest of the trip. The wedding events gave us plenty to do, but we did manage to do a little sightseeing in Lyon. We found this view of the train station by getting lost and walking uphill way too long. We thought we’d get back late for the wedding but luckily misread the train schedule and arrived back just in time instead. We drove in the next day to do some laundry and ended up at a Roman amphitheatre afterwards.

Tractor in Morgon Grapes in Eguishem

On the way from Lyon to Beaune we got off the autoroute to drive through a couple of winemaking villages – Morgon and Fleurie. They happened to be harvesting grapes, which meant we didn’t get to visit any cellars except for the big communal ones, but we did get to dodge tractors on the narrow roads. They weren’t harvesting grapes yet in Eguishem, further north, so there were some grapes on the vines for me to photo.

Mandi and the Mosel Burg Eltz castle

Our last stops before Geilenkirchen were Beilstein and Burg Eltz. We stayed the night in Beilstein, enjoying the area’s surprisingly good white wine, and wandering up to a ruined castle (complete with beer garden, if you can believe it) and through the vineyards. On our way to Geilenkirchen the next day we stopped at Burg Eltz castle, apparently Rick Steves’ favorite in all of Europe. It’s touristy but impressive, mostly because it’s not ruined like every other castle around. It also had a beer garden, which didn’t seem quite as strange.

That’s all for now – I’ll dig through the photos for more worth sharing.

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7 thoughts on “Mandi and Isaac’s European Adventure”

  1. Hi Isaac! Thanks for the European Impression. Sounds like you had a great trip and enjoyed your friends too.

    Let us know if you are planning another fabulous trip to Anchorage and when!

    Love Mom

  2. You lucked out on the wedding trail. That is great that two of your friends were getting married within a week of eachother on the same side of the continent even. I can’t wait for youra fabulous trip to Anchorage, no castles but I am sure we could find beer.

  3. Hey Isaac:
    GREAT to see you on the org. Thank you so much for the photo of Mandi and castles and rivers and tractors. Things are definately winding down here and along with me, “Julia Lynn” has been overworked and starting to balk. Have had a couple minor and on major glitch of late, but nothing that stopped us for more than a couple of days. We are still getting some trips….the next three days will host twelve people. Am hoping to keep up a fairly busy schedule right up until leaving on the 9th. Really looking forward to the upcoming roadtrip. We’ll be driving around Washington from the 10th-17th, then we start North and will be getting home on the 22nd. Should be fun and includes a ferry from Prince Rupert to Haines. All for now. Love you guys, DAD

  4. isaac…what your posts lack in frequency, you MORE than make up for with quality! great travelogue and beautiful pics. did you encounter any anti-american sentiment in france? or germany? i’ve heard it’s no more or less than what it was before…curious what your impressions were on that score.

    be great to see more photos…especially ones of you and/or mandi. any plans to visit the far north? we’re headed for NY in november (9th – 13th)…pretty busy schedule, but it sure would be fun to see you guys if you could make it up for a day or two. we’re thinking about getting tickets for the giants-bears game on the 12th…we might have a line on some really good comp seats to lion king (should know on those this week).

    i’ll get jake on the hotmail trail tonight, and forward that to you as soon as we have it. l,j

  5. I figured out that our hotel at the beach in Delaware has wifi! If you’re ever in Lewes, Delaware, I highly recommend The Inn at Canal Square.

    Mandi does have a property of some sort in Anchorage that she needs to visit, but I think she wants to do it in between classes, so maybe in December. I recall vowing to never return to Alaska in the winter while in the Safeway parking lot in Soldotna a couple of years ago, but I’m sure I was just overreacting.

    I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anti-American anything overseas, ever. There was one time in Yakutsk, but I think that guy was just really drunk. We talked to a guy at a pub in London this spring who probably had an anti-American attitude, but that didn’t keep him from drinking a beer with us and talking politics. In small towns it’s possible to encounter people who aren’t exactly happy to see you, but I think that’s more general xenophobia than specific anti-Americanism.

    I’ll check with Mandi about going to NY that weekend. We have tickets to a show in DC Sunday night, but I’m sure we could make it back in time for that.

  6. isaac…keep us posted on the december trip. maybe we could plan a family gathering at the soldotna safeway parking lot (we’re partial to the fred meyer parking lot, but they’re both festive).

    pretty interesting – and encouraging – to hear that you haven’t encountered any yankee-go-home in europe. i remember a smattering of that in vancouver back in the late 60’s…nothing serious, but palpable. i think some of that was viet nam era anti-war sentiment.

    am hoping to find out more about our weekend schedule in NY next week. we’d like to line up those giants-bears tickets asap. we need to nail down the time/day on the screening…hate to wait till they publish that on the 9th, but that may be the deal. anyhow, keep us posted. we want to see as much as we can in 5 days, and also want to leave time for a little spontaneous exploration. cheri wants to visit the statue of liberty…am hoping we can line that up before we go.

    we went to the west-east football game tonight. great game! west was up by 13 with 2 1/2 minutes to play, and then lost 35-34. ugh.

    have a great weekend…we’re all looking forward to the beach pics.


  7. Isaac and Mandi,
    Looks like you two had a fantastic time! Wish we could have been there with you. I’ve always liked to learn about other parts of the world, so thanks for the post. Also, thanks for the postcard. We LOVE to get mail. Hope you two are well, and we couldn’t be happier that you went on a wonderful trip.
    Ben, Jessica, Makenna and Madeline

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