New Photos

Hello~ I have some new photos to share. We are having a great visit with Isaac of the North, and Ben and Jessica of the middle just visited us with Berkley and Precious, we sure enjoyed that! Anyway, sure enjoyed your visit to the ORG/ Lisa and BeccaMama LaVerne I call this one Mama LaVerne

3 thoughts on “New Photos”

  1. hey, those pics are great! i’d like to get a copy of that one of lisa and becca…can you email the original? that shot of your mom is a classic. is that in haynes? looks like a log home in the background there. cheri now has a scanner…i’m looking forward to scanning some old photos for the org soon…they’re really fun. jack

  2. Debra,
    Wonderful pictures. Is that cute little baby you? Hope you are having a good week so far. I sure had a nice visit. Thanks for having us.
    Love, Jessica

  3. Hi Jessica! I am not sure just who that baby is, it could have been any of us, she loved all of us babies the same! Thank you for braving the roads and coming all the way down here to see us…..We especially enjoyed Berkley and Precious, they are so much fun.

    Love you much,

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