Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a egg-citing Easter. We did even with ham as the main course. Yuck! Luckily they had an excellent roast too. We went out to a friends house. There were 11 kids their so it was super fun. easter04 Jon had to work so we missed him. The kids have been enjoying the nice weather up here. Nathan has been riding around and around our driveway and Marina splashes through every puddle. Most of the grass is visible in the front yard. The back yard is a sea of poop. The joy of having a big dog. Jon and I have scooped a lot of poop lately. Maybe by the end of the month we will have it fairly clean. I had better help get the kids to bed. Take Care. Love to All. Love, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Wow! Marina looks gorgeous! Hope Nathan didn’t eat all that Easter Bunny candy in one sitting. It must have been quite an event with all those kids! We had Easter Turkey, it was so big I almost got it stuck in the oven when it was time to come out. I used the famous John Wedin bag method of cooking and it turned out delicious, even though I had no idea what temperature the Modern Maid was on. Let’s just say no one got sick and died. Another successfull meal–have a great day! Love Debra

  2. though ham was on the menu this year, we sure missed you here on easter! well…that’s WHY ham was on the menu, eh?

    sounds/looks like it was fun in fairbanks. you may have less snow than we do at this point. it’s going fast here, but we still have another week to ten days (if these temps hold) before the front yard starts making significant appearances. i might launch the miata this week…certainly warm enough, but i’ve been waiting for the roads to “clear” a bit more (lotta gravel this year).

    noted that debra bagged a trophy-size turkey! way to go. come to think of it, we SHOULD have bagged that darn ham…it was one of those spiral cut deals, and i KNOW the bag would help retain that natural moistness and flavor (your favorite parts).

    well, lots on the plate today, so best get at it. enjoy that daylight! oh yeah…be sure to have jon check in on the 5-22 fishing.

    love, dad

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