Remembering Roy

Marina with Roy
Hello, it’s been about a year since we lost the old dog, so thought I would send up a reminiscent photo of him. This was when Lisa and Jon and Nathan and baby Marina were visiting at the $100 trailer with the $1,000,000 view. Roy covered her darling little outfit with dog hair.

By the way, we are watching Precious while Ben and Jessica enjoy a vacation in Hawaii.She is doing cat things, getting up on any surface that is up, such as the counters and refrigerator. She got into her cat food and over ate and threw up all over upstairs. Pete doesn’t know it yet. Aren’t animals great!

2 thoughts on “Remembering Roy”

  1. What a cute picture! We miss Roy too. I am glad you are enjoying Precious and Ben and Jess are enjoying Hawaii. Both the kids want to go back to Hawaii. Take Care. I had better check on Nathan and make sure he is asleep.

  2. Great tribute to Roy Boy. He was a sweetheart. I am glad to hear that Precious is fulfilling her opposite-namesakeness.

    We are enjoying some cold weather here, it almost looks like snow out my window. But, we did have a nice, 70 degree, sunny spring day on Saturday that we greatly enjoyed while we playing tourist with friends from New York City.

    Have a great week. -m.

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