Fall in Fairbanks

It is definately fall heading into winter. The fireweed is dead and the leaves on the trees are well on their way to yellow. We are enjoying a few rain free days but rain or snow is in the forcast. Jon went hunting and got a black bear. We have been having bear meat which is surprisingly good. We are lucky the bear had been eating berries. Jon posted the story on our new website: link. I have started take a couple graduate level marine science classes which should prove challenging to say the least. The kids are both doing great. Marinas language is great and Nathan’s computer skills are getting scary. Well, I can’t beleive I actually got to write this much while the kids are in the same room. I had better post this while my luck holds. Love to all.


4 thoughts on “Fall in Fairbanks”

  1. Fall was always my favorite time of the year up there. It’s not too cold yet like in the Winter, it’s not muddy like in the Spring, and it’s not dry and hot like in the Summer. Hope you’ve got your battery, engine, and oil pan heaters installed!

  2. Hey Lisa…Great to see a “postcard” from Fairbanks…you guys can certainly claim the “northernmost” title in the family, eh? You might want to try the chat feature with Isaac at some point…it’s pretty cool! Maybe we can attempt a “group chat” here soon.

    Hugs around…Dad

  3. Elle belle, we’re not far behind on the Fall season. Just came back from my morning jaunt around the lake, and the clear skies and bright moon and stars were reflected in a very chilly looking, mist-covered lake. Am still trying to warm up my fingers by typing this message! (Although I even wore gloves!

    Glad to know you’re into your Fall curriculum. How does Nathan like the pre-school?

    Better go. Gotta get that 7th grader off to a good start for the day. Love.

  4. Hey Guys…..was good to see you on the org site. Still fishing, but the season is winding down and will be just king salmon fishing soon….still getting halibut. We’ll be setting a date for our trip up soon….we’ll keep you posted. Let us know if you need fish. Big hugs for Nathan and Marina….take care. Love, Uncle Pete

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