The site should be looking and working better soon. The wiki is still accessible. I’ll look into styling it to match this weblog. Meanwhile, give this a try – register and post something. Contact me if you want permission to upload images.

Update: If you got an email from me then you don’t need to register – just log in as described in the email. You’ll also already have permission to upload goofy images like the one below.

April 2005 067

Author: Isaac

I like cats.

5 thoughts on “Reconstruction”

  1. Hello, How are you guys doing? Did you have a good anniversary–Are you enjoying your new perspective of the United States? We are busy already, your Dad had the number 2 derby fish for May and he seems to enjoy fishing the derby now. Well, just wanted to say hi and lOve you guys

  2. I haven’t participated in any protests yet, if that’s what you’re asking. On Memorial Day we did go on an expedition to the Mall to see if we could get a photo of one of those rocket launcher things, but all we found were a bunch of leather-jacketed Harley riders.

  3. Hey….finally got a chance to check out the site! Cool….Jack says we can do a chat sometime….I’ll be there if I’m nolt on the water. BTW…Happy Birthday….and it was good to take a day and see you brother and Jess in Anch. You would have been proud of both of them….Jess graduating and you brother BBQing a nice mix for supper. All for now…..keep me posted on the CHAT. I’ll be there….Love, Pete

  4. So…after a little poking around, there ARE some comments on file! kinda fun, and a taste of how this can work. i’m looking forward to actually uploading some stuff – like a few pics – to the site. if it’s as easy as adding these comments, it’ll be cake.

    by the way, i know you have to pay for “real estate” here. and, image files are kinda fat, so i’d like to contribute to the hosting costs. can you figure that according to usage periodically, or would a flat rate make more sense? let me know.


  5. Hey Everyone:
    Wanted to say hello from all of us present. Debra and I are lucky to have Ben and Jess and Precious and Berkley (their new rat terrior)for a couple of days. We just relaxed and did the usual Wedin thing (EAT). I needed a day away from the boat. Kurt and his friend Todd are up on a hunting trip for moose and stopped by for breakfast and will be down later this evening to pick up a box of fish. Didn’t even know he was in the state, but nice of him to get ahold of us and really great to see him and get caught up. Anyhow, hope this gets posted and will be fun to watch this develop. Love to all, Pete

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