New Pictures

Hello! I finally got some photos transferred (sucked) from the camera to the computer and resized so they will be able to fit on the org. So here are some of them:New BabyDoc Jeff March 28Peter LindJon Garber April 11Les with Hog April 11

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3 Responses to New Pictures

  1. Lisa says:

    Cool Pics. Looks like you guys have been catching some real nice fish. We can’t wait to come down. I am planning on coming down on the weekend of May 22nd. I can’t wait. Love, Lisa

  2. Debra says:

    Come on down! We can make some more org. memories. Talk to you later. Should be working!

  3. jack says:

    debra…hey, great pics! hope you saved a couple of those for the 22nd! lisa just confirmed that they’re coming down that weekend (but probably not jon). more soon. l, jack

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